Common Housecleaning Solutions: Part 1

Posted by Craig Whitcomb on Wednesday, September 21st, 2016 at 10:25am.

You just never know where you'll find helpful housecleaning tips!  While doing a Continuing Education course recently, I came upon a list of "Common Inspector FAQ'S".  Here's the first five:

1)  What is the best way to clean an oven?  If it is not a self cleaning oven, use Mrs. Wright's Silver Polish and a scouring pad. 


2)  How do I get rid of odors from the garbage disposal?  Pour a cup of vinegar into an ice tray and fill the rest with water.  Add a little food color so everyone in the house knows which tray contains vinegar.  Once a week drop a few of the ice cubes into the garbage disposal - the vinegar will clean it and the ice will keep the blades sharp.  Orange or lemon peels will also give the disposal a pleasant smell.

3)   Do you know a good way to polish copper?  Table salt and any kind of vinegar make a good combination for polishing copper.  Sprinkle on a little salt and just a touch of vinegar - a little bit of vinegar goes a long way.  Wait about 60 seconds and start scrubbing.  Once the tough areas have been cleaned, use a metal polish to bring out the luster. 

4)  Is there an easy way to get white rings off of wood furniture?  All you need is mayonnaise and a nylon scrubbing pad.  Apply enough mayonnaise to cover the white ring and let it sit for 15 minutes.  Then wipe up the excess mayonnaise with a paper towel, scrub the affected area with a nylon pad, and bring the luster of the furniture back with a coat of lemon oil.

5)  Does newsprint really work to clean windows?  Yes.  Newspaper is still the best material made to make glass shine.  Clean windows with two tablespoons of vinegar mixed with a quart of tap water.  Warm water cleans best.


Now, admittedly, I have not tried any of these personally, so please proceed with caution!

Do you have any cleaning tips you'd like to share?  Send me a note, and I will include them in one of my later entries! 

And stay tuned for Part 2!

Craig Whitcomb

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