Common Housecleaning Solutions: Part 2

Posted by Craig Whitcomb on Tuesday, September 27th, 2016 at 3:53pm.

As I mentioned in Part 1, I discovered these tips in a Continuing Education course under an article labeled "Common Inspector FAQ's.  Now remember - I haven't tried all these, so please proceed with caution!  And don't forget to send me your helpful tips so I can include them in future posts! 

Here are the remainder of the tips:

1)  How do I get rid of mildew around the house?  Common household bleach is a killer when it comes to mildew.  When diluted in water (out of the bottle it is too strong for the job), and mixed with laundry detergent, it really makes mildew disappear.  The laundry detergent removes mineral and soap scum buildup that can act as a barrier between the bleach and the mildew.  If you have a lot of mildew to remove mix one quart of liquid laundry bleach with three quarts of warm water, add 1/3 of powdered laundry detergent, and mix well.  Scrub with a nylon bristle brush.  When the black mildew turns white it is dead and so are the spores that are invisible to the eye.

2)  What should be used to clean fiberglass shower stalls?  Try lightly dampening the shower floor with water.  Then add a healthy sprinkling of powdered dishwashing soap.  Let stand for two or three minutes and scrub.


3)  What about tough stains on porcelain and china sinks, tubs and toilets?  Make a paste of equal portions of salt and turpentine.  Then scrub.  Once the scrubbing is done, use car wax to bring back the original luster and to make future cleanings easier.


4)  How do I get candle wax off wooden furniture?  Take a hair dryer to the wax, and once it liquefies just mop up with a cloth.



Let me know what you think!


Craig Whitcomb

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