Builder Trade (Buyout) Program

  • Have you found the perfect new home, but don't have time to sell your old one?
  • Have you found the perfect new home, but dread the thought of moving twice?

Select Residential Brokerage has the answer for you! Working in conjunction with area builders, we will buy your home for cash in a relatively short time. With our Builder Trade Program, we will buy your home at 95% of its fair market value, less standard realtor fees and closing costs.

The Process

The process is quite simple. We will visit your home and create a market analysis based on our observations. Once the market value has been determined, we will write a contract to purchase your home. Next, there will be an inspection to evaluate the underlying condition of the home. At that point, we will be in a position to finalize the purchase price and proceed to closing on your home.

Just one more thing!

At this point, we'd like to give a word of advice. If you are looking at a company to buy your home, please be sure you understand their program. Many "guarantee" companies are actually offering a "contract for deed". Under this type of arrangement, you will sign over the deed to your house, and they will promise to make your payments for you. The problem is: you are still obligated to your mortgage company. This is a dangerous situation because you could end up owing money on a home that you do not even own!

At Select Residential Brokerage, you will not have this worry. We purchase our homes using cash or a line of credit at an area bank. When we close on your home, you will be "free and clear" of it. No more worries!

Contact us today to learn more about our Builder Trade Program and all of our Builder Programs. We're sure we will have one that will work for you!