Tips For Selling Dallas Fort Worth Pre-owned Homes

At Select Residential Brokerage, we believe that the key to success in selling a home is your choice of a realtor. While there are many realtors out there who can list your home, there are very few who have the expertise and professional skills necessary to properly price and stage a home, negotiate a contract, and effectively manage the contract-to-close process.


Pricing your home is one of the most crucial decisions your realtor will make. Overpricing your home will cause unnecessary days on the market and establish a history in the MLS that will deter buyers from viewing your home. Underpricing your home will result in lost profits. Selecting a realtor who can properly price your property can be difficult. While it's tempting to use a neighborhood specialist or family friend, we recommend hiring a realtor with vast experience in real estate sales over the entire DFW metroplex. Now, more than ever, properties do not compete just within their own neighborhood or community, they are competing with homes in the many surrounding cities of the Metroplex. An overall comprehension of the market is essential. Select Residential Brokerage has closed hundreds, if not thousands, of real estate transactions over the past several years.


Anothercrucial decision your realtor will make is the Staging of your home. A properly staged home will sell significantly faster than a home that has not been staged. At Select Residential Brokerage, we dedicate a lot of time to the home staging process. We will walk through your home with you, room by room, inside and out, and create a plan to maximize the marketability of your home. We're not talking about interior decorating here, we're talking about the "lipstick and rouge" that homes need in order to be appealing to potential buyers. Select Residential Brokerage is reputed to have some of the finest staged homes in the area!

You're half way there!


Negotiating the offers on your home requires professional skill that many realtors do not have. You would probably be surprised to know that most realtors have probably never even read a contract from start to finish. Experienced realtors know how to maximize the profit on the contract by understanding the contract, understanding the buyer's agent and their buyer, and understanding the market. Select Residential Brokerage has negotiated hundreds of contracts and has the professional skills to effectively negotiate contracts to the direct benefit of our clients.


Finally, Managing the contract requires the dedication of the realtor. In this area, all realtors are definately not created equal! While most realtors have a practice of "sit back and wait" while the contract proceeds from signatures to closing, Select Residential Brokerage actively manages the process to ensure a timely closing. From day one, we establish relationships with the buyer's agent, buyer's lender and the title company, and actively monitor the status of the contract to establish accountablility among the parties, and to expedite the flow of information between all concerned. Our goal is to work diligently to have all contracts close on time - and if legitimate delays happen, we will communicate with our sellers right away.

Select Residential Brokerage would be happy to assist you in selling your DFW home. We take great pride in providing real estate services that are unsurpassed in the DFW area. We provide honest valuations of your property, and are genuinely dedicated to looking after your best interests.

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